Scanning & Mobility

The world of barcode scanning has changed dramatically in the past few years. With Microsoft announcing the end-of-life for Windows Mobile to the increased use of Tablets and Wearable barcode scanners, and the advent of new applications outside the 4 walls, the choices have multiplied.

Dynamic Systems can help you sort through your options based on your use case, environment and preferred price point. We carry only the best, so you can be assured your barcode scanning equipment will last for years to come.

MC9300 scanning

Mobile Computers

This category that has exploded with choices from light, small devices to new ergonomic designs, to rugged Android mobile computers and mobile scanners designed to be used in freezers.


ET50 Tablet


Zebra Technologies has announced a new line of rugged tablets, using Windows 10 or Android. They come with an embedded barcode scanner and offer options such as docking stations and protective cases.



Vehicle Mount

Attach the mobile scanner to the forklift battery or mount a rechargeable tablet with a dock. Long-range scanners allow your forklift drivers to scan without leaving their seat!




If your workers need both hands for picking and put-away, consider a wearable. These devices vary from a ring-scanner worn on a finger, to a full wearable mobile computer that is attached to your worker’s arm.


Freezer scanner

Corded And Cordless Barcode Scanners

This technology has improved in speed of scan and ruggedness. There are many versions of these devices; we can help you choose the right one for your environment, scan requirements and preferred price point.



Dynamic Systems Inc. represents the top barcode printer manufacturers in the industry including Zebra, Honeywell, and Sato. We’ll help identify the best printer for you, from low duty-cycle printing for smaller businesses or retail environments to ultra-rugged high duty-cycle printers for harsh environments and 24×7 printing.


Desktop And Tabletop Printers

Low Duty-Cycle Label Printing – Low Duty-cycle Printers are designed for on-demand printing or for volumes under 1,000 labels per day. These printers have a smaller footprint and use up to 4” wide labels.

Mid Duty-Cycle Label Printing – Mid Duty-cycle Printers are the most common printer for Industrial applications. They work well in an 8-10 hour day with intermittent batch or on-demand printing. Formats include 203dpi, 300dpi and 600dpi resolutions, and 4”wide to 6”wide.

High Volume Label Printing – Companies that need High Volume Label Printing are those that work multiple shifts and need a printer that will withstand many hours of steady printing. The environment is typically a high-volume Distribution Center or Manufacturer, with outputs of thousands of labels per day.



Mobile Printers

If you need to print a label on the fly in the warehouse, cooler/freezer or on the road, a mobile printer may be the best option. Our recommendation would be Zebra Mobile printers. They use Bluetooth or WiFi connections, print up to 4” wide direct thermal labels, are protected against dust and moisture with an IP54 rating, and work in harsh environments, balancing the print speed to the ambient temperature.




Printer/Applicators are designed to be used in conjunction with conveyors. These devices print a barcode label and apply it automatically with no human intervention. Most Printer/Applicators require that the product being labeled is presented in a consistent location and orientation.

Printer/Applicators come in many technologies – wipe-on; tamp-on; blow-on; corner wrap; etc.

Because of the need for accuracy when applying labels automatically, there is a Discovery phase to the Printer/Applicator installation. It will include gathering information about the conveyor (speed, size, etc.) and the product being labeled.

Carts & Enclosures

In order to protect sensitive electronic gear such as barcode printers, we offer stainless steel enclosures to seal out water and dust, or to prevent freezing. We also offer power-supplied carts that can be removed from rooms before wash-down, and wheeled between production lines for workstation sharing.



Our Partner Companies

Zebra Technologies is a key partner of Dynamic Systems, providing reliable on-demand printing equipment and mobility products targeted for the automated data collection marketplace. Zebra products include high-performance barcode label printers, mobile label printers, mobile computers for all environments and a broad line of scanners. Zebra’s products are known for the ability to function at peak performance in harsh environments.

Armaguard is the market leader in the design and manufacture of innovative environmental enclosures for industrial computers, printers and outdoor digital signage hardware.

Avery/Weigh-Tronix is a leading manufacturer of industrial scales, including Bench, Platform, Forklift, Conveyor, and Counting scales. The products are designed for harsh environments.

ELO offers the world’s largest selection of touchmonitors, touchscreens, and touchcomputers. Focused on commercial grade products, purpose built, hardened for tough environments and made to last for extended lifecycles.

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility is a leading manufacturer of high-performance image and laser based data collection equipment. Honeywell products are used in a wide variety of markets such as retail, healthcare and transportation & logistics.

ID Technologies a ProMach product brand, is a fast growing national manufacturer and integrator of labeling, coding and marking equipment, including barcode printer/applicators.

LabelMaster supplies a large selection of rigorously tested, standards-compliant labels for countless needs, from shipments by air to hazardous materials.

Newcastle Systems Inc. provides mobile powered carts called Mobile Workplace©, offered in many configurations. These products improve productivity by bringing technology to the worker

Teguar Computers delivers strong, reliable, and ruggedized hardware solutions. Teguar’s products include Industrial Grade Computers, Waterproof PCs, and All-In-One Wash- and Wipe-down Touch Screen Computers.

NetYield is a full accounting system designed specifically for seafood processing plants.

Quckbooks™ is the most-used accounting software for small to mid-sized companies.

Seagull Scientific is the world’s largest developer of true Windows™ drivers and label design software for thermal printers.

StayLinked is the standard for managing wireless terminal emulation sessions and devices. StayLinked’s innovative host-based architecture installs in minutes and eliminates virtually all dropped sessions with high speed, secure application access.

SOTI Inc. develops industry-leading device management technology that solves the unique challenges involved in managing, securing, supporting, and tracking remote mobile and desktop computing devices.