Law Enforcement Software

law enforcement softwareDynamic Systems Inc. offers a suite of products made to fit Law Enforcement software needs specifically. It provides a detailed audit trail for equipment, consumable inventories, assets, evidence and documents as well as a mobilized Electronic Citation solution.  These easy-to-use, all-in-one applications  have been proven to improve officer safety and save agencies money.

Equipment Tracking:  Check Out/In equipment, manage consumables inventory and track maintenance and expiration dates. See Video.

Evidence Tracking:  Maintain chain-of-custody using fast, accurate barcode.  The kitting feature allows the one-scan check out of several items and simplifies storage reporting.

Document Tracking:  Locate individual documents to file, box, room, person, court and print extensive history reports.

e-Citation:  The mobile e-Citation application automates the creation of citations in the field, speeding up the process and providing accurate information for the courts.

Badge Printing:  Print your own barcode, magnetic stripe or HID cards with photos, logos, etc. for officer and employee identification and access control.