Inventory Tracking Software

StockroomManual inventory management processes cost companies thousands of dollars and countless hours. Checkmate inventory management software automates inventory management to save your business time, money and hassle.

Track inventory by location, part number, item or category

Track and manage an unlimited amount of inventory by location, part number, person, package type, SKU and more.  Each item may be stored in multiple locations.

Automated inventory management and reconciliation

Set min/max levels and generate reorder reports.   Count inventory regularly by either cycle count or full inventory count.  Using barcodes provides a fast and accurate method of assuring that what your system reports is what is truly on the shelf.

Understand your business better with detailed reporting

Generate up-to-the-minute reports or pull custom reports. Export the data to excel, CSV or a large variety of other formats. You can even distribute the report by emailing or printing.

Customize field names, categories and measurements to fit your business

Users can customize fields with the click of a mouse, choose from multiple units of measure (pound, liter, roll, etc.) and record serial numbers and expiration dates.

Achieve 99% accuracy using bar coding

Bar code technology allows companies to increase efficiency by 80% while achieving near perfect inventory. Find out more about bar coding >