Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking softwareCheckMate capital asset tracking software is designed to help companies manage fixed assets such as furniture, high value electronics and equipment. This allows businesses to automate the tedious task of tracking inventory, managing asset life cycles and measuring value depreciation.  The software can be used as a stand-alone system, or as middleware to a larger ERP system as a detailed location and capital inventory management system.  Dynamic Systems will assist in designing a full Asset Tracking system, including labels such as the tamper-resistant label show in the adjacent photo.

Perform regular or ad hoc inventory audits

Easily perform cycle counts directly from a wireless handheld computer terminal. You can even record current condition of an asset and attach a photo for more detailed record keeping.  Discrepancy audits can be performed on site, saving time while maintaining an accurate capital equipment inventory.

Attach manuals, documents, and detailed records

Create and save a unique glossary of terms, append characteristics and attach  records such as purchase orders and purchase date, retire date, contents, location and purchase price to an asset.

Track assets by location

Locate assets by building, room, department, person, workstation or any location descriptor you choose.

Allows for multiple asset depreciation calculations

A key feature in capital asset management is the ability to track life time value. CheckMate capital asset management software tracks depreciation so you can glean new insights and achieve more accurate accounting.

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